Thursday, August 18, 2005

Amazing database of North Korean Propaganda. The Poorman presents Keyboard Kommandos Komix. For whining pussyfart hippie agonistes over the cartoon, go here. I find it particularly offensive that all the "respect the dead" Sheehan bandwagon-jumpers are getting their panties in a bunch over this. I don't recall liberals being so humorless, and I don't recall quite this much forced, bleeding-heart empathy and deep concern coming from the left, at least until it became clear that the right wasn't losing much sleep over 1800 dead. How many memorials did you "offended" people go to before Camp Casey started up? How many of the dead have you personally mourned? Give me a name. I can wait. Fucking hippies. A veteran's message to Larry Northern. Keep it up.Keep going. That's the kind of effort I'm talking about. You guys keep this kind of pace up, and you'll all have dug your own graves by November. With any luck.


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