Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I can't get all riled up over Cindy Sheehan one way or another; obviously, I grieve for her loss, and I strongly support her right to do what she's doing. But I can't honestly believe that she thought a camp-in would get her an audience with His Nibs, and I don't think she's going to end up being the new leading figurehead of the anti-war movement -- or at least, she won't remain so after summer vacation is over. So I think it's great that she's out there, I think it's great that she's getting support, and I think there isn't a chance in hell that she'll get what she wants, and I think she knows that. This is a symbolic act, not the locus of a new revolution. Something that has surprised me about all this is the venom with which the right has attacked her, from Malkin presuming to speak for Sheehan's dead son and digging into her divorce proceedings (click here and here to see some equally venomous responses to the woman who once wrote a book defending internment camps) to O'Reilly calling her "insane" and "treasonous". Or maybe that was Limbaugh. I can't tell them apart. I've noticed, with grim amusement, the recent habit of certain rightists to denigrate, mock, and smear the military service of any soldier, dead or alive, active or retired, who dares to hold a leftist line, from John Kerry's Swiftboating to Casey Sheehan to Paul Hackett. This is going to backfire, you fuckheads. In a big way. It's already backfiring. Michelle, for example, completely misses the point about the asshole who drove over the memorial crosses set up near Sheehan's camp. She responded by asking why liberals weren't outraged about several instances of pro-life cross farms getting uprooted. That's vandalism too, and nothing to commend. But the interesting point about the vandalism in Crawford is that it's coming from God-Fearing Right-Wing conservatives, firing warning shots in the air and mowing down memorials to fallen troops. That's what America sees: little white crosses, all torn down, while Bill and Rush and Michelle call the rest of us traitors. Support the troops. Cindy Sheehan won't convince the country to throw the wingnuts on the dustbin of history: they'll do that themselves. Here's a decent summary of the whole Sheehan mess from a conservative blogger. And before anyone brings it up, not that it's relevant but holy Christ who knows how you people think, here is a short and sweet debunking of the story about Hillary Clinton snubbing a group of Gold Star mothers.


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