Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A lot of the tightie righties get all prickly when the left refers to them as "The American Taliban." "Ridiculous," they sputter. "An unfair, insulting comparison." O RLY? Here, pull this one -- it plays jingle bells. Pat, Pat, Pat. My goodness. You know, I hate people who say they hate to say they told you so. I don't mind a bit: I and others of my left-leaning secular persuasion warned you all years and years and years ago about Jim (Payday Loans) Baker and Jimmy (Just touch it) Swaggart and Oral (Gimme a quarter or God's gonna break my ankle) Roberts and Pat (I can change the path of hurricanes) Robertson and Jerry (fags and feminists are to blame for 9/11) Falwell. We all warned you. But no. Come on, say it with me. "Moral Majority." How does that taste now, sitting in your mouth like coughed-up turd? That's a great picture of Pat up there, isn't it? "As soon as that camera's off, he's gonna fuck that little dog!" I like this, from Wonkette:
Pat recently called for someone to assassinate Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. A controversial move, to be sure, but we had no idea that Christianity was like some massive multiplayer game where could just take people out.
For more Robertson wisdom go here. Here's a golden oldie from Jerry Fallwell. 54% of Americans polled now think that the U.S. made a mistake by sending troops into Iraq.According to President Bush, that means that 54 percent of all Americans support terrorism. I can't even get mad about this whiny schoolyard bullshit any more. I've grown used to hearing "Patriotic" right-wing Republicans smear anyone who opposes the war, deride and mock the military service of decorated veterans who oppose -- or even question -- the war, and insult grieving gold star mothers, calling them whores and puppets and traitors. I just accept that's how righties are these days. I don't want to conflate right-wingnuts with all Republicans or even all conservatives, but hey, if it walks like a duck, lies like a duck, and smears like a duck, it's probably a Republican duck. Keep it up. Keep insulting and lying and squealing and smearing and calling us terrorist sympathizers. Your political obliteration over the next four years will be legendary.


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