Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The first transitional Suspect Device cartoon is up in the usual place. This marks the beginning of a shift from Louisiana-only to National topics, although I imagine there will be a few more focused on this INHUMAN SHITSTORM we're currently living in. Senate Republicans voted down the proposed independent Katrina Response Investigation. The vote was along part lines, and every republican voted against the investigation -- with the exception of our own David Vitter, who has been openly critical of the federal response. Dave didn't bother to vote at all. Here is what looks like a typical USA Today article, but look closer.
She says that two days after Katrina, desperate for help, she couldn't get through to Bush and didn't get a callback; hours later, she tried again, and they talked.
Barbour hasn't had to wait hours to talk to Bush. In fact, Barbour said in an interview with USA TODAY, the president called him three to four times in the wake of Katrina. "I never called him. He always called me," he said.
Guess which Governor is the Republican? Get ready for the New New South. I think I need a bathroom break. So does Tom Coburn. His head's getting full. Filling out our starting lineup of stinking treacherous hypocritical evil pus-sucking weasels is James Sensenbrenner, one of only 11 reps to vote against aid to Katrina victims. He's the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and yesterday decided that the monumental bankruptcy law passed earlier this year will not be revisited -- even in the light of the probably massive number of bankruptcy claims coming in the wake of the hurricane. Guess what party he belongs to. Go ahead, guess. (Via 2millionth)


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Ouch. Tough transition, ripping us away from old local stuff. Pure genius!

9/15/2005 09:07:00 AM  

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