Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quick postings on the news: Has anyone ever noticed that whenever someone -- columnist, TV clown, or addled-letter-to-the-editor writer -- starts off by saying that NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PLAY THE BLAME GAME they can't resist throwing in a couple of chips anyway? Me, I don't have any problem with the blame game, since there's so much blame piling up at the dropoff points that it's going to take forever to get it all distributed to those who are still struggling along without adequate blame. Jeez, if I still had a weekly cartoon, I'd use that as a topic. Red cross fucking up too? That's unpossible! Christ, why should anybody be exempt from stunned, cow-like immobility and mass cyanotic unresponsiveness? Why should anyone put the safety and welfare of endangered people above red tape and proper filing techniques? Sure, Red Cross, you can have some blame! I'll just PULL THE FUCKING TRUCK AROUND. "As soon as Barb gets back from Office Depot with my White-Out and sticky notes, we'll just jump right up and get this gosh darn old relief money processed quick like a bunny, so you just have a seat in the waiting room and we'll call you, okay Hon?" Presidential Declaration of Emergency mentioned only Cenla and North Louisiana parishes. What? Shoot looters, but gas gougers get the Conservative pundit seal of approval. This article is particularly -- I was going to say ignorant, but I think the author knows exactly what he's doing, so I'll just call it brazen and preposterous: "That’s why the first thing we notice about price controls is that they lead to shortages. Price to the left of the intersection of the supply-and-demand curve and you are guaranteed to vaporize whatever you are attempting to keep inexpensive. It happened in 1973 when President Nixon imposed price controls on oil — gasoline lines were the result. It happened in 2000/2001 when California Governor Gray Davis refused to lift retail price controls on electricity — blackouts soon followed." That was Enron, you revisionist pig. Jesus. Speaking of revisionism, Media Matters has a good spin round up here.
More DeLay hypocrisy, although that's hardly news. What needs to be mentioned here is DeLay's mistaken idea -- we'll be generous and say mistaken and idea, as opposed to craven, self-serving and lie -- that state and local authorities should only call FEMA after all their resources have been exhausted, which is R-O-N-G wrong. State and local officials are supposed to call FEMA IMMEDIATELY when disaster looms, so that supplies can be prestaged (that is, transported as close to the effected area as is safely possible, usually while the disaster is still going on. Prestaging is like failsafe; when the supplies move into staging areas, they're talking about distribution points). Don't let DeLay's misstatement become a talking point: In the event of an emergency, local and state officials are supposed to contact FEMA as soon as possible. That's been FEMA's stated position. The National Response Plan does say that emergencies are to be handled at the lowest jurisdiction possible, but it also makes clear that
When an incident or potential incident is of such severity, magnitude, and/or complexity that it is considered an Incident of National Significance according to the criteria established in this plan, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in coordination with other Federal departments and agencies, initiates actions to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the incident. These actions are taken in conjunction with State, local, tribal, nongovernmental, and private-sector entities as appropriate to the threat or incident.
So let's shut down this "It wasn't the Fed's job and your democrat I mean governor should have squee frap honk gibber tweet." Like the consies all say, there'll be plenty of blame to go around -- but some people are going to be getting bigger helpings than others. Hey, remember that new law that was going to make it harder to declare bankruptcy? It's about to kick in! Hahahahahaha! TAKE IT ALL, BITCH! Every inch of my love! Maybe we can get Santorum's "Fine the Survivors" idea signed into law and then we can all take turns pissing on you after we're done, you know, back there.Military shutting down media access to NOLA.Now why would they do that.


Anonymous nitro von borax said...

Just for the record, I'll miss suspect-device-the-strip. Looking forward to your national strip, though: what did you say it'd be like? An angry scribble and some swear words, wasn't it?

There's really truly no end or ultimate depth of evil incompetence from Bush Inc. Sorry you had to be so close to their latest massacre. Ye Gods, man.

...and why did they use both spellings of donuts (doughnuts) in the Red Cross article? It's driving me crazy. Did Mr. Davis and Mr. Boudin pronounce them differently? Like, did Mr. Boudin say it to rhyme with "sloughnuts," if there was such a thing as a "sloughnut?"
Is it race thing? Or What?

9/08/2005 12:48:00 PM  

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