Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Preach it, brother. Let me ask all you proud red state swift boating god is on our side bush voters something: was it worth it? The bungled response to the hurricanes, the scandals, the corruption, the war, the degradation, humiliation and misery forced upon this country: was it worth it, your voting on "values" and "character?" More upstanding conservative values: John McCain should admit that torture worked on him. Just shut the fuck up, okay? Holy suffering Christ, but you people are stupid. "AAAIIEE! Big light in sky!" What's that? Unfair? Conservative fundies not all stupid? Sorry. All stupid. We have a victory strategy now. But but but I thought ... Well, never mind. Still, it all seems very familiar. Tropical Storm Epsilon. Epsilon. Do you believe this shit? Within a couple of years: Hurricane Omega. Forensic investigation of the levees shows signs of greed, imbecility, callous disregard of human life. New Orleans never had cat 3 levees in the first place; it had papier-mâché kiddie forts. I wonder if a true cat 3 rated floodwall would have held. I wonder if this might quell some of the "No one knows what a cat 5 levee is anyway" bellyaching. Or maybe any levee rebuilding is doomed, since the neanderfucks couldn't build a proper wall in the first place. Durrr. "They're welcome to raise it, but I'm not going to spend any money," said Wilson, who added that her house has flooded at least five times. "They've never done anything about it. If they were going to do something they would have done it by now." Five times your fucking house flooded, and you're waiting for "they" to do something about it? I'm no fan of FEMA (as a visit to the Suspect Device store will indicate), and I reject any notion that New Orleans shouldn't get full support in rebuilding because "it's all below sea level" (durr again). but c'mon, Honey. If someone is beating you over the head with a 4x8, do you think to yourself, "Well, if it was bad for me, I'm sure he would have stopped by now"? Let's not mince words any more, okay? All these worries about your nice little communities being endangered by the unknown refugees who might be placed in one of these temporary trailer parks: you people just want to keep the niggers out, right? That's all it is. Y'all don't want any low-class, trashy, NOLA niggers infesting your nice little towns. Well, let me ask you this: If your fucking town is so nice, why do they let sorry, intolerant, bigoted, hateful white trash like you live there? And please, don't even think about coming over here and telling me that I'm wrong, that it's not about race, that you're not bigoted, etc. I'm not wrong. Personally, I think it might just be past time for letting these gomers weigh in on the subject of whether or not people with no homes and nothing left in the world should get some temporary shelter. Put the trailers down, move the people in, and if some uneducated honky butterball starts hooting about his property values going down, help him to understand that the best way to make the property value rise would be to give him one in the temple and one under the chin. TIRED OF THE WHINING. WHINING TIME OVER NOW. What's the over/under on this? I want a piece of this action. They say next week, I say mmmmNEVER. 100 percent of the coastline sustained hurricane damage this year. Hurricane Omega. It's coming, I tell you.


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