Thursday, December 08, 2005

I have no opinion about Danny Michel getting shitcanned -- I have no idea if he's a fuckup or not -- but I find the whole spectacle so perfectly representative of James Easton and the Lafayette school board. Easton, after trying several times to fire Michel on the QT, and pulling the board into illegal closed sessions, and in general being a puffed up, belligerent sneak, brings up a list of Michel's failings that so precisely mirrors his own that it takes my breath away. (The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette had a "breaking story" earlier quoted Easton's entire exhaustive list, but the final version has omitted all the delicious irony.) Of course, the school board just lies there and takes it, like a tired & resigned housewife used to years of the dutiful reception of clumsy, grunting, selfish fucking. It'll be over soon. It's not so bad. Think of England.


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