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but unsurprising. My educated guess is that this same scene was played out regarding shelter, medical care, evacuations, etc. New plans never adopted + old plans no one read + pie-in-the-sky promises from FEMA + disorganization + a governor who couldn't take control =I DON'T HAVE THE BUSES I THOUGHT YOU HAD THE BUSES WELL SHIT WHO HAS THE BUSES? Speaking of pricks. How's it going out there, Red Staters? Still feeling good about all the other players on your team? And about this notion that the only reason elections may be postponed is because democrats stand to lose --because several hundred thousand voters are scattered around the country and not able to get out and vote; apparently only d-voting po black folk were uprooted -- and the outraged republservative squealing that has erupted over the idea. Let me ask this: isn't the republican/consie demand for scheduled elections in the face of a natural disaster and mass exodus of voters (we'll assume mostly democrats, for the sake of argument, although I think that's bullshit) simply a rethug political power play? Isn't this the kind of cold little political game you accuse the democrats of playing? Wait until your supposed opposition voters are exiled and then demand elections? Hm. I know it's unfair to use Sadow as a spokesperson for the other side, but to paraphrase what I said about Ann Coulter a couple of days ago, he's your moron, you deal with him. His moron credentials have been well established over the years ("But *I* am a professor of political science," he'll smugly intone at such an insult), and now he's become a partisan federal apologist, leveraging a disaster to score political points against a democratic governor. Viz. Ignore the clumsy writing and focus on the claims: First, where does he get the idea that Blanco was compelled, or "forced by congress", to release these records? I find nothing in the news that indicates this was a demand made by congress. I think this is one of Jeffrey's secret little wishes that he wishes really hard for every morning, but I don't think it's true and I don't think the pony is coming this year, either. And then there's this:
The confusion would seem to be evident. The most important document that could be sent, Blanco’s request for federal assistance, she asserts was sent by mail which the White House says it never received. I know Katrina caused problems even in Baton Rouge, but wasn’t there a working FAX machine on the state capitol’s fourth floor on Sep. 2? Or a computer with Internet access? Reading this brings to mind the old excuse when a debt isn’t dealt with in a timely fashion: “the check’s in the mail ….”
(That's quite a sentence, by the way. I know I said I was going to ignore the clumsy writing, but I lied.) This sort of sarcasm plays better when you have some clue regarding what you're talking about. Of course, the reason it was sent by mail she handed it to a White House official and in fact did NOT mail it, but the reason the White House requested yet another copy be sent, is that an original copy was required. Not a fax. not an email, but an original:
According to the governor's account, Blanco notified President Bush two days before the storm hit that federal assistance would be needed. And she said she told Bush on August 29, "We need your help. We need everything you've got." The state sought firefighting support, military vehicles, generators, medical supplies and personnel. On August 30, after the failures of three levees left most of New Orleans and its surrounding parishes under water, Blanco told Bush that "the situation is extremely grave." Five days after one request from the governor for federal help, a presidential aide told Blanco in a memo that Bush never got her letter. The aide told Blanco, "We found it on the governor's Web site, but we need 'an original' for our staff secretary to formally process the requests."
Okay? Okay. Jeff continues to sneer:
And, being that it was known by nightfall of Aug. 29 that New Orleans was flooding, why wasn’t it until Aug. 31 that anybody seemed concerned enough to start commandeering buses? If Blanco and others around the state complain that federal officials should have known what was going on through television reports, why didn’t she know New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and failed to fully implement his own vague evacuation plan and started the process much sooner?
As even a cursory reading of the news would demonstrate (and I must point out that neither Dr. Sadow or myself have seen any of the actual documents -- he won't mention that, but I'll help him out and fill you in), buses were indeed being commandeered earlier than August 31, but on August 29, Brownie promised that 500 buses were ready and waiting, and they weren't. Get this through your north-Louisiana-third-rate-cow-college head, Jeffrey: FEMA made promises and falled to deliver -- lots of promises and lots of failures that made the job of the state harder by an order of magnitude. Blanco's failure was not in beginning to get buses too late, but by not getting the reins on a disintegrating situation, one that enabled a staffer to call off the bus drive too early. Did Blanco and her crew fuck up? Obviously. She probably will be only a one-time governor, and I won't shed too many tears over it, unless Bobby Jindal gets elected. But I get just a little chapped when I see uninformed partisan dorks like Jeffrey placing the whole of the blame at the feet of the state with nary a mention of the pathetic federal response, and gloating over inaccurate anecdotes of incompetence. Par for the consie course, but it's still irritating. Pussies. See, we here in Lafayette don't need any more evidence that BellSouth is a corporate prick, jealous, petty, and hateful -- they're fighting a municipal fiber initiative overwhelmingly passed by the people of Lafayette, and so are quite clearly now attempting to dictate or obstruct public policy -- but in case anyone else needs evidence of the true character of BS, well, read this.Another college graduate weighs in.


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