Thursday, December 22, 2005


It's on again. I rescind several of my harsher comments below. But not all of them. Let's see what the house does. I'm not in favor of ANWR drilling, never have been, no matter how much pretend revenue sharing money Mary and David and Bobby claim will be lost. Frist wants to spank the dirty commies who handed Ted Stevens such a steaming turd, and he wants to do it with pretend money. Fine. The home heating assistance and the Katrina assistance will come from somewhere else, probably taxpayer pockets. Typical Frist. Drop in the bucket. Whatever -- just get the recovery aid money down here. I don't know that I'd trust any of our three to carry the check all the way from DC -- Mary would leave it in her other purse, Bobby would smear it all up what with the obsessive handling and purple fingers, and Dave will just blow it on liquorice and bibles and hookers OH GOD DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD so better just give it to the FedEx guy. Michael's on a tear of at 2millionth. What he said.


Blogger Joe said...

As we heat up the Earth, ANWAR will no longer be permafrost, so the save ANWAR argument will lose alot of it's power, I think. Also, with more and more severe energy crunches, these regions will come under more and more pressure to develop their oil resources (Cali and Fla coastal shelf, I'm looking at you, too.) In a few years, they'll be grasshopper derricks on my oily forehead if someone thinks we can get a barrel or two there.

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