Saturday, January 21, 2006


Daily Kos: A Declaration of Media War: "Our response to September 11th, however crude and rapid the devolution once Mr. Bush decided to look for terrorists not in the back alleys, but where the light was better, was a heartfelt if momentary unity. I wonder, would the response be the same, next time around? (Because that, we can presume, is what the terrorists themselves have been calculating, with benefit of having all voices of media from which to pick and choose their truly silly, transparent wedges.) In a world where O'Reilly has already endorsed the premises and targets of a terrorist attack -- if another attack hit a major American city, would the condemnations of the O'Reilly's, the Gibsons, and the other purple patriots be forthcoming with the same vigor, or would the attack be looked upon with the grim satisfaction that Pat Robertson held up for New Orleans? Is that what we are foresaging, with these newest comments from the Fox News teleprompters? "


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