Monday, January 09, 2006


When the flood ruined DNA samples at NOPD headquarters, it washed away hope for inmates trying to prove their innocence: "'In some cases, rape kits and other biological evidence were located in the Criminal Court attic,' staff attorney Ava de Montagne wrote in the motion. 'This evidence subsequently was transported down to the basement. The supervisor of the property room had informed counsel that he was keeping all of this found evidence in a single pile in the downstairs evidence rooms.'" So, police in a flood-plagued city chose to store evidence in a big pile in the basement. Outstanding thinking. The Rude Pundit tours NOLA and finds it's all just too much for him to take, and decides that the city should be abandoned, since we'll never learn to change our corrupt ways and the White House is going to fuck us anyway. Thanks for the input, Sparky. Y'all go on home now and let us clean up. On Cecil Picard. Memo to the New Orleans Parish School Board, and especially Torin Sanders: you've got balls, daring to criticize anyone trying to clean up the irresponsible mess you've made. You fucked up, and fucked over the children of New Orleans, to such an overwhelming extent that maybe it would just be better if you quietly went away some night, before your bleating acquires the notice of some large, ill-tempered predacious population.


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