Tuesday, January 31, 2006


NOW WITH EARLY-MORNING TYPOS CORRECTED FOR E-Z READING! Vitter, Boustany put constituents ahead of party? Well, so did Mary Landrieu! She crossed the line and ... and ... okay shut up! (Actually, I agree about Vitter, mostly; Boustany is still a waterboy, despite a passing bout of what passes for mouthiness in his world.) And Mary. Dear Mary. When you broke party ranks and voted for cloture during the Alito hearing, what was going through that empty little blonde head of yours? Did you get a promise from someone on the other side of the aisle, that maybe a vote for cloture would get you a yea vote on some aid money, or a re-look at the Baker bill? Poor thing. They don't play fair like that, Mary. They're going to fuck you and fuck you hard. You will get nothing for this, other than the sneers of republicans at how easily you were duped, and the disgust of democrats, whom you no longer represent. Give it up, girlie. You're obviously not smart enough, brave enough, or committed enough to be a Democratic United States Senator. Dems who are sick of our representatives being dumb and/or spineless capitulators should read this. Wow! Lafayette enters the high-tech world by building a $27.5 million dollar round theater like the one on that ride I took back at Disney World 25 years ago. Sweet! Now if BellSouth ever lets municipal cable happen, we can really show those technology snobs that Lafayette is a cutting edge high tech city of the future! I can't even type that without laughing. It's Whole Foods. People have been talking about it for years. Really, everyone knows. It's okay. Baby steps. Permitting expedited for NOLA residents. Five months after the storm, one might add, if one were cynical and contemptuous of the city's efforts to encourage rebuilding. Speaking of contemptuous: DUH DUHR DOI. The New York Times thinks too much attention has been paid to the Ninth Ward. Red Hot Single Levee Board action. It takes a constitutional amendment and a statewide vote to create a unified levee board in NOLA. Amazing. Condi Rice was "Surprised" by the Palestinian election results. I wonder what it's like to go through life being constantly surprised by everything: sunrises, gravity, traffic lights...


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