Friday, January 06, 2006

Bellsouth and Cox Communications: Cunts News - 3rd Circuit ruling blocks LUS bonds 01/06/06. Well that's super. More trouble, more delay, more outraged howling from the corpulent corporations with no interest in brooking ANY competition, never mind "fair" competition. If you fucks put half as much effort into service as you do into whining and filing lawsuits, perhaps I wouldn't have canceled all Cox services and begun phasing out Bellsouth, never again to have them in my home. You are old and in the way. MOVE. Sorry I'm not more articulate, but it's early and I almost sliced off my right index fingertip a few minutes ago, and the blood is making the keyboard slippery. Let us not forget Bellsouth's selfish and cowardly decision to close offices and pull jobs in post-Katrina NOLA after the city offered free wi-fi. Way to step up to the plate, you mewling little cunts. Way to show your true colors, William Olivier. __________ Well, here's a baby step. But the time for asking for meetings and allowing well-maybe-I'll-come-and-maybe-not attitudes is over. I tend to think Nagin is on the side of the angels here, mostly maybe due to my complete and utter mistrust of any New Orleans board and/or council, but I think the Governor has wasted more than enough time on these people and these attitudes, and should have calmy and clearly said, "the trailers are going here, here, here, and I'll park two right up your ass if you so much as blink. Now SHUT UP AND GO TO WORK." Sometimes I wish Edwin was back. He'd be pocketing money like a gay octopus at a boner buffet, but by christ the trains would run on time and there would be some heads on pikes in the square to serve as incentive. __________ Hmm. Starting the demolition a little early, are we? I can see both sides here: obviously, some of these homes and structures are beyond repair and need to come down, but I'm having trouble imagining what sort of space creature would trust the assessment of any but the obviously demolished buildings to the New Orleans city bureaucracy. Can you imagine NOLA officials controlling bulldozers? It would be like the Sorcerer's Apprentice with heavy equipment. __________ More good men gone: Eddie Gabriel and Barry Cowsill. __________ "I was pastoring to police!" Is that what the kids are calling it these days. We used to call it "sucking cock" back when I was in the seminary. __________ Shut the fuck up. Cretinous asshole. __________ This will have meaning only to Lafayette locals: Hey, you senile old batfart! If you've got such a phenomenal photographic memory, how come you can't remember that someone else wrote the frothy drivel you sign your name to and send to the papers? I thought a photographic memory would include appellation, place of publication, date, all of that stuff. You must have the kind of photographic memory that only remembers content and then marks it as ORIGINAL THOUGHT, huh? Sad little liar. Pathetic little plagiarist. No one believes you, Dailey. Give it up. I seem to remember you attending a Times of Acadiana holiday celebration, or anniversary celebration, or something (my memory is not photographic, you see), and getting an award noting your history of letters to the editor. You walked right up and shook Cherry May's hand. You took the award, rather meekly, I thought. Be a man, Dailey. Stop trying to lie your way out of this.


Anonymous Kevin P. said...

To be honest, Greg, I think the Mays get as much of a hard-on from the fights with Berard as he seems to. I remember The Times doing a coverstory on him and the April Fools letters section being printed as a "Dailey-Free Zone." Conflict is good. It'll bring in the readers which will bring in the advertisers and maybe "The Independent" can break that 36 to 48-page barrier.

1/08/2006 09:24:00 AM  

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