Friday, January 27, 2006

Bobby J starts to come of age

Bobby Jindal respectfully disagrees with His Eminence. Bobby also seems to understand the concept of triage, where the severity of damage or injury is quickly assessed and the worst cases are attended to first. So, you know. The hardest-hit parts of New Orleans maybe should have gotten the attention? And maybe not be left to die while Garden District bumps and bruises are fussed over? Just a thought. I never had much use for Jindal, but I gave to admit, he's done a good job here. Oh God what's happening to me. _________________________________________________ I don't know who said it first, but I have to echo the sentiment: Will someone give this asshole a blowjob so we can impeach him? _________________________________________________ Beth Courtney's recent ethics violation was embarrassing enough, but to make matters worse, it's inspired -- and given some credence to -- creepy fired host Jeff Duhé and his long, long list of fabulously entertaining complaints to seek the spotlight and play the wounded whistleblower. The right-wing Accuracy in Media site gave Jeff a platform, and Jeff makes the most of it:
The sordid details of her illegal activities pale in comparison to her abusive management style. For decades, a pattern of vicious employee derision has escalated in proportion to her getting away with it. Profanity-filled screaming fits of red-faced intensity are routine. Standing in the halls of the network's flagship station in Baton Rouge, she curses and stamps like a flapping duck, weaponizing any arcane personal or family information she can call to mind to bludgeon the staff victim into submission.
That's a badass duck. I don't know Beth Courtney; I don't really have an opinionn about her or her management style. She got caught in the type of petty corruption that's all too common in Louisiana, but she has at least admitted it and paid her fine without weeks of denials and obfuscations. (Jeez, first Ray Nagin apologizes, and now this! Has accepting responsibility replaced those free-blowjob wristbands as the hot new fad?) I don't know Jeff Duhé, either, but this is a man to watch. And I mean closely, but out of the corner of your eye, so he doesn't see you and come over and sit down and start talking.
I tried to resist by staying quiet, ducking the fire," he tells AIM. "Then I heard 'I command you!' Yes, she actually speaks this way. Just after I reported her unethical activities to the Governor's Executive Counsel, I was fired. A thorough, hate- and profanity-filled screaming fit came first, of course. Anybody want to hear it? I've got it in MP3 now. It's 52-minutes long
He also has a list of 54 occasions of which he "surrendered to unethical pressures" ("Surrender to unethical pressure, Daisy!" "I shall not, sir! You are a cad and ... ooo ..."), including incidents so vile and corrupt they would have put De Sade off his plate of poop:
"Allowing promotional shorts to air, as part of News programming, which advertised an LPB-produced state-history series. The segment featured an interview with Beth Courtney as she praised her agency's product." "Allowing, in News programming, a Beth Courtney interview with an author promoting his autobiography. The book's publisher is LPB. Beth Courtney commandeered News programming to promote a book published by Beth Courtney. This is one for the ethics books." "Saying nothing when Beth Courtney entered into a contract to produce and air stories about the state's cultural agency which would highlight agency achievement. Beth Courtney's daughter is that Department's attorney.
Christ, it was like the golden days of the Weimar over there, wasn't it? The Accuracy in Media version of Jeff's story has been picked up by a couple of wingnut websites, but doesn't seem to be getting much traction. Like I said, I don't know Courtney, so I can't say how much of this rings true, but I can recognize highly buffed ("He won an Emmy!" Okay, a regional one, but still!) manufactured outrage when I see it. Good luck, Jeff. Maybe the wingnuts will take you in and show you off for a while. (I know this is all pretty trivial, but I really needed to be mean to something after W pissed on the Baker bill.) UPDATE: See post above for my review of this year's outstanding mp3, Beth Courtney's "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?"


Anonymous longtime reader said...

So Bush sez, "Folks in Congress will want to spend money based upon a specific strategy. We've got to get comfortable with how to proceed. The plan for Louisiana hasn't come forward yet."
Let's take that quote and replace "Louisiana" with "Iraq."

1/27/2006 06:58:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Talk about a case of the Three Stooges: I remember Jeff Duhe when he was an undergraduate at LSU--and most definitely recall what an asshole Bob Courtney was/is (for various reasons I had some contact with him when he was working for Channel 2).

I'm not all that surprised to hear what a shrew his wife is...and can only hope the couple is as weasely to each other as they are with other people.

Too bad LPB is probably worse off thanks to them...

1/27/2006 07:55:00 AM  

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