Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Best Bill Decker waffle yet

The Daily Advertiser - - Lafayette, LA:
On Monday, I put three NetFlix DVDs in my mailbox in the area near Time Plaza.. On Tuesday, they showed up on my NetFlix account Web page as having been returned. On Wednesday, I found the next DVD in my NetFlix rental queue, the Marx Brothers’ “The Coconuts,” in my mailbox. DVD rentals by mail. Forty-eight hours. It was almost like going back in time. Or maybe it was like moving into the future, when the Web will offer Acadiana people quick access to huge movie catalogs, one way or the other.
It's just breathtaking. I wonder what it's like to live in a continual state of Heisenbergian uncertainty, where nothing can ever be up without being down, or red without being green. Still, even big fat middle-aged Halo-playing wafflers caught between eigenstates need to relax, kick back and cruise some MySpace pages. Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy. "Honest, Honey I was just checking out this band I mean doing some research for a column!"


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