Wednesday, February 01, 2006

City opened shelter to Katrina evacuees without food and water

That's right. They did. And it took FEMA three days to notice the calls for help. No surprise to me. At the Hurricane Pam exercise, the DOTD were the most unhelpful, useless, befuddled organization. The whines here are the same as they were then. Did anyone expect anything different? Ignored, marginalized, forgotten. No plan, no committment. I like the Bush water carriers at the end of that story: Mary Landrieu hinting that she hasn't forgotten the bounty she expects from her cloture vote (keep waiting, honey), and Harry Ray, 73, who thinks that if W had spent more time talking about the gulf coast, he would have had to talk about the fires in California and the tornados in Oklahoma. Yeah, the tornados that killed two thousand people, destroyed a major city, left hundreds of thousands homeless and threatens 25% of the country's oil supply. Big Motherfucking tornados with ten-inch cocks. I don't even want to think about Tim Kaine's response to the SOTU speech. This is exactly what is wrong with Democrats. Weak, dispassionate, unwilling to confront and call a liar a liar and a failure a failure. Sometimes I don't know who makes me sicker, the dogpack running the country or the whipped ones cowering under the bed. Nothing new from the president? Nothing new from you, either. Strong response here. Of course, Paul Reickhoff isn't an elected official. And tsk tsk don't you second guess the president, traitor! Eric Benjamin sucks more corporate cock over at the Times. He's such a useless, hamhanded shill that I can barely read him, but I have to ask the nice reasonable folks at Cox: If you are so committed to bringing state-of-the-art internet access to Lafayette, why didn't you do it before LUS got involved? Ghaaaa. Another winning cover story from TOA. I'll deal with this later.


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