Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Creating human-animal hybrids"

Stupidest letter to the editor ever? Well, maybe not ever. But even W's faithful are jumping ship after what has obviously been five years of lies, secrecy, domestic spying, secret torture prisons, 2,500 dead soldiers, the outing of covert agents, fealty to special interest lobbyists, incompetent planning, incompetent execution, divisively tarring opposing voices as traitors, slavish service to corporate interests, and, finally, the handover of US port operations to an unstable foreign government. Mrs. Godchaux apparently considers reporting of these shameful, immoral, and unamerican activities as "unfair and biased". Where are your values, Mrs. Godchaux? You must be a fundie. As long as someone is "for the unborn" they can wallow in the whole ugly spectrum of earthly evil, piss on the ten commandments AND the new covenant with the Lord and still be a shining example of Christian morality, right? Right. I did read the text of the SOTU speech. And I did draw my own conclusions: He's a criminal, you're an idiot, get off my fucking planet now. Supporting W on grounds of his "morality" or his "values" is no longer just ignorant; now, it's (as Tbogg says) so divorced from reality that it doesn't even get visitation rights.


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