Thursday, February 02, 2006

See Lieberman jump for joy

CONNECTICUTBlog has a nice clip of Joe Lieberman leading the standing O at the SOTU address, leaping from his seat like the bestest little fan EVER, before a single republican can stand. Way to go, buddy. Speaking of Lieberman, he's in this story too, lobbing softballs to Ray Nagin while the republicans on the committee try to blame him for water being wet. Why not outright opposition? Why "This week's letter pushes those concerns just one step short of outright opposition"? Why is everything one step short. If you're going to oppose something, then OPPOSE IT. Take a stand. I'm all for pissing on the lease sale, but not for almost getting ready to seriously consider pissing on the lease sale. Sad. Get used to it; there's going to be a lot more stories like this. YEE-HAW! More good Christian people banding together to keep the niggers out of town! Way to go, you pricks!
“If Katrina had been a direct hit on Ascension Parish, what would we expect neighboring parishes to do?” Hughes asked. The parish president also made religious references, asking the crowd to think about what Jesus would do. The response to Hughes’ question about Katrina making a direct hit on Ascension Parish drew an immediate chorus of catcalls and grumbles of dissatisfaction from audience members. Later, trailer park neighbor Robert Chandler, 41, had an answer for Hughes about what Jesus, the man Christians believe is their savior, would do. “And what would Jesus do? Jesus tells me to help myself, and, Ronnie, if Ascension Parish got flooded, you know what I’d do? I’d go to work somewhere else, and I’d buy a trailer,” Chandler said as the audience applauded so loudly in the packed Geismar Community Center that the clapping obscured more of Chandler’s comments.
What Jesus would do is kick you right in your fucking butt-ignorant redneck ass is what he would do.


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