Thursday, February 09, 2006

This seems important

Blanco's 'housing trust' conflicts with Nagin's plan. Huh. So the state wants to control any Federal money disbursed for recovery in New Orelans, and New Orleans wants to hold the ATM card. Look, see:
“There’s a strong sentiment for legislative involvement,” said Sen. Tom Schedler, R-Mandeville, who sponsored a measure to require approval from both houses of the Legislature for every spending decision.
I like that: "A stong sentiment for legislative involvement", or as we who live south of I-10 say, "an envie for the cash." They can smell it. Personally, I'd rather see Ruthie the Duck Lady in charge. Other interesting things in this story, though: it seems that Blanco has given up on the Baker bill, which my gut tells me is the wrong thing to do. (Why else would one want to hijack the oil leases? You give us the Baker bill, we give you the oil, simple! But no. We've going to retain the lease out of petulance or something.) Blanco's plan brings the Baker bill responsibilites back on Louisiana, and tries to fulfill the same obligations with a fraction of the money. Louisiana has *never* been able to handle federal funds; most years, we don't get the matching funds we deserve because we can't get the fucking paperwork in on time. I think passing the money through the fewest possible hands is in order; you never know when Bob Odom is going to want to build a 600-ft statue of Cochise out of cane syrup and starts to rifle through the drawers. And then there's this:
Donald Powell, Bush’s Gulf Coast rebuilding czar, would not comment Wednesday when asked at a Baton Rouge speech whether the administration would allocate any money for housing in the president’s $18 billion supplemental request to Congress for spending in the hurricane region. Powell said that his office will spell out what that money will be for in “15 to 30 days.”
Pfft. Go home, Comrade. Speaking of Powell:
His staff estimates that 15,000 to 20,000 uninsured homeowners outside the flood plain have severe flood damage, and only 30,000 such homeowners inside the flood plain. Powell said he is negotiating with the Louisiana Recovery Authority on an agreed-upon estimate. “We’re close to a number that’s based on science,” he said.
Oh, NOW science is just FINE. YAY for SCIENCE when it gets you off the HOOK. Anyway, The Mouth of Sauron -- as Don was known in college -- has the same message: "That's all the change I have, buddy." ____________________________________________ More Rhodes Scholars. "Flood Control Officials" in Benton and Livingston oppose a single levee board, since they live in a different floodplain and probably wouldn't get a seat on a single levee board and thus would miss out on all of the swag oh geez was that out loud:
Sen. Heulette “Clo” Fontenot went further, turning from the room’s witness table and telling the crowd they were being used by the Blanco administration as political pawns. Fontenot said Blanco, who testified in support of the bill before the committee, knows it cannot get enough votes to pass the Senate. “You’re being taken for a ride,” said Fontenot, R-Livingston.
R, huh? Well how about that. ____________________________________________ Okay, fine. Let's sum it up: rioting over cartoons is stupid and proves only that religious fundamentalism breeds intolerance, violence, and by design keeps people ignorant and enthralled. Cartoons portray Mohammed, and by extension all Muslims, as violent terrorists, so the response is to torch everything and stage world-wide riots. I saw one protester with a sign that said, "EUROPE: your 9/11 is coming!" Well, it was totally unfair to give the impression that you guys were violent! I'm not here to follow anyone's religious rules, be they Muslims or Baptists or Evangelicals. You want to live by scripture, fine. This is all so obvious and simplistic, isn't it? Iran and Syria fan the fires by attaching truly degrading drawings to packages of the cartoons. It serves their purposes to encourage the west to view Muslims as terrorists, so they can complain about it and leverage the indignation. So here's the deal: peaceful Muslims of the world? This is your problem. These people *are* Muslims. Don't trot out that "Well, terrorists aren't true Muslims because etc" line. Pat Robertson is an Evangelical problem, child-raping priests are a Catholic problem, and intolerant rioting fundamentalists who would kill over a cartoon is a Muslim problem. Deal with it, and we'll try to get our own Wingnuts out of office.


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