Monday, February 13, 2006

What's happened to conservatives?

A short course in the degradation of the conservative mindset can be seen here. Note that all the wingers who agree with the author are brave and brilliant while liberals who disagree are hysterical and scurrilous and idiotic, etc. Note also the call to Muslims to solve their problems by accepting Jesus Christ (and note the painting which illustrates the post). Note how liberal blogs are tarred and dismissed as immature and shrill without explanation or rationale. Note the insults applied to liberals while complaining about how full of hate and rage they are. All very typical of today's swinging internet conservative. But be careful if you comment -- the blog owner deletes comments she doesn't like and bans dissenters. Which is, finally, how she and her ilk would like this country to end up: muzzled and under the thumb of a charismatic leader, all serving Christ and enjoying our tax breaks while we watch the poor folk cleanse the earth of the Mohammedan. This is why I have no time to listen to the right any more: even the more intelligent winger apologists can't hold an thought for more than a few sentences without jettisoning facts, slandering opponents, and wallowing in onanistic self-mythologization. You know, it's's taken the right wing neocon generation twenty five years to chip away at the foundations of this country, and the Bush administration only five years to nearly destroy the fabric. You people are done; you're over. The astounding corruption, the unbelievable ignorance, the rejection of science, the pathological lying, the willful dismissal of human rights and liberty: you disgust me, and not just because I'm "liberal." The conservative movement has become a squad of belligerent brown-shirted yes-men following the rank and acrid scent of gang of clownish, craven criminals, either too afraid or too ignorant or too blinded by pseudo-evangelical fervor to accept objective reality, and you have shit on my country long enough. The left has its share of idiots and racists and losers, too; I'm under no illusions about the character of people in general. I have no love for Michelle Malkin; in fact, I think she's a racist crypto-fascist apologist, but you braniacs who pepper other blogs calling her a "Filipina cunt" and a gook aren't doing the grownups any favors and should really just shut up. And you liberal bloggers have to face up and deal with the fact that there are shitheels among us who need to be dealt with; even bloggers who I enjoy, like TBogg, are notoriously silent about the racist and sexist insults -- and I mean bad insults, not just "someone-might-find-that-offensive" insults -- that appear in their comments, and, sometimes, in their posts. I certainly don't think that Glenn Greenwald or Markos or any of the name bloggers are always correct or need to be defended* -- I'd love to see someone lock horns with Greenwald or Jane Hamsher or Juan Cole. Now, if we could only get people off the creationism ... what a world we might might live in ... * Of course, Greenwald posts on this very issue and is, as always, far more articulate and measured than I am, at least when I'm writing at 5:30 a.m. so at least I have and excuse. (cough)


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Wow, that WAS bad! Your warning barely prepared me for such vituperation. Your response was right on.

I compiled a series of quotes from a UL forum dedicated to Bush partisanship, and plan to use it in a future post. The quotes are very much along the lines shown here: smug and overly apologetic to their man. Stuff like that makes me shudder.

2/13/2006 09:10:00 AM  

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