Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another helpful public servant - News | Business | Culture - Weekly - Lafayette LA: "A piece of legislation passed during last month’s special session with no opposing votes throughout the entire process could end up costing coastal parishes millions of dollars, according to local tax officials. Act 34 by Rep. John Alario, a Westwego Democrat, expands an existing law exempting certain ships, vessels and barges from state and local sales and use taxes. Specifically, it added barges and drilling ships operating in foreign or interstate commerce to that tax-free column. Alario pushed the legislation as a simple “clarification” and was out of town when contacted for comment. Late last month, tax officials in St. Charles Parish reported that they expect to lose about $500,000 annually from the change, and that the coastal parish region could incur a $20 million collective hit as well. Other coastal parishes contacted don’t know what to expect yet, but Lafourche Parish, for example, is anticipating a $300,000 to $500,000 annual loss due to taxes that can no longer be levied on supplies, services and repairs of barges in association with drilling vessels."


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