Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The culture of life

BobGeiger.com: The Love Ends When You're Born in South Dakota:
After South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed legislation last week banning nearly all abortions in his state, he made a big culture-of-life statement about how he and the rest of the Religious Right were protecting the weakest among them. "In the history of the world, the true test of a civilization is how well people treat the most vulnerable and most helpless in their society," said Rounds. That’s an amazing statement coming from the governor of the state that houses the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which has long been one of the bleakest places in North America from a socio-economic point of view. According to U.S. Census Bureau poverty status numbers, Shannon County, which encompasses most of Pine Ridge, has a startling 60 percent of families with kids between the ages of 5 and 17 living below the federal poverty line. In households defined as “female householder, no husband present,” the number of children under five living in poverty is a sickening 68 percent ... life expectancy on the reservation is 47 for men and 56 for women – numbers that would make us shake our heads at the misfortune of some isolated, third-world nation. That area of South Dakota also has an infant mortality rate that is twice the national average, with some child-welfare sources saying it's up to five times what's seen in the rest of the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well fine. Just send the guvment to take more money from me and my family to feed the sons and daughters of blindly breeding idiots. Give those of us who keep it in our pants and work for a living and take responsibility for our families the right to keep the money we've earned.

Whenever I'm moved to charity... to help those who really need help, I have to remember how broke I am, being a law abiding, working citizen, and how much "charity' the guvment does on my behalf, with the money it takes from me, and how much harm guvment charity does to those who receive it.

One day Greg's Peter is gonna realize, as I did when I was twenty six, that he can't afford to be a liberal. And one day, some "liberal", more powerful, more connected, and smarter than he, is gonna take away all his dreams and all his connections, and he will find himself in a strange town, looking for work, and if there is any poetic justice in this world, or karma, or whatever, the only job he will be able to get will be as a substitute teacher in a Louisiana public school.

Instead of just typing "fuckyoutoo" as Peter "I'm A Writing, Scholarly, Philosophical, Computer and Design-Savy Artistic Genius" would say, I wrote the above. If Peter was a Brain Surgeon, (neurosurgeon, to be precise... I needed one once) nobody would become his patient unless they absofuckinglutely had no choice no how , no way.

Dottle "Never Got a Masters" O' Riental

3/14/2006 02:00:00 PM  
Blogger Suspect Device said...


3/14/2006 02:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what I'm saying, you arrogant bastard.

I know exactly what happens to pompous, full-of-themselves know-it-alls. Been there, done that. You really know how to keep a low profile don't you. I can see you heading up massive projects, directing political campaigns, and whatnot.
I wish you the best in a career where you can write, draw, think and dream, but if you piss off alot of people the way you piss me off with about one third of what you say and draw, well, good luck buddy. BTW... how you got time to scan all the blogs you refer to and then respond to dipshits like myself?

Dottle O'Riental

3/14/2006 02:15:00 PM  
Anonymous spinn said...


Okay, fine, I'll bite. How'd you make the jump from Greg posting this, to "oh, and therefore that means that he wants to take money from everyone and pamper these poor Native Americans so they can buy gold toothbrushes with their welfare handouts"?

3/14/2006 02:25:00 PM  
Blogger Suspect Device said...

Well, okay! Sure!

3/14/2006 02:28:00 PM  
Anonymous longtime reader said...

That's not making a point. That's just being plain angry and rambling 'til you make no sense. I'm not a liberal but I do appreciate how Greg's Peter backs up his points with facts and figures. So give us some numbers to back up your statements, Dottle.

3/15/2006 04:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Nitro said...

Is it bad now to be an arrogant bastard? Why doesn't anybody tell me this stuff?

3/15/2006 04:29:00 AM  
Blogger Suspect Device said...

I must say you have me there, sir!

Well, I have to toddle off to the courthouse to change my name to Greg's Peter, as I like so much more than the birth name I've been stuck with all these years, which is, of course, Wendy.

3/15/2006 05:47:00 AM  
Anonymous racecarconsultant said...

Oh, Wendy! You have such a great talent for drawing out the rambling insane. Use this power for Good.

3/15/2006 07:59:00 AM  
Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, you must be doing something right.

3/15/2006 09:49:00 PM  

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