Friday, March 31, 2006

Jeff Goldstein: another piece of work

Apparently Ms Carroll was treated like a princess by her noble and gentlemenly kidnappers, who snatched her up three months ago simply to protest the occupation of their country by the forces who liberated 25 million Iraqis from under the boot heel of Saddam Hussein. Such a selfless and, yes, painful, act by such a benign and caring and patriotic insurgency! I mean, screw the millions of Iraqis who voted for democratic reform—impossible without the ouster of Saddam—these mujahadeen care about their honor, and the honor of their country! Which begs the question: why did she come back? Seems like she had it made where she was. You useless piece of shit. You hideous, unfeeling, souless twat. Get out of my country, get off of my planet, vaporize yourself in a .44 caliber cloud of red mist. Jeff and his little band of vermin reference the interview tape that Carroll's captors made with her before her release. BEFORE HER RELEASE. I don't suppose that might have colored anything she said. I suppose all you brave patriots would have given nothing but name, rank, and serial number. Say -- you know hwere we could use brave patriots like you? AT THE FRONT LINES, you chickenshit cowards.


Blogger Joe said...

The closer we get to Iraq's implosion, the more desperate these guys will get. They're clutching at straws to frame this as a "if you aren't for the war in Iraq, then you're unpatriotic".

3/31/2006 02:56:00 PM  
Anonymous spinn said...

I was bitching about this along a similar vein as Jeff, until I found out the tape was made before she was released. I didn't know about that bit. Anyone heard from her since she was let go?

Funny thing was--I heard about the tape though conservative talk radio, what's that woman's name...Laura Ingram. She went on and on about how terrible it was, how could she say those things, all kinda of sarcasm, etc., but no mention at all that the tape was made while she was being held. Hey, come to think of it...Bill Bennett was saying "oh, Stockholm syndrome, she was still wearing that scarf around her head." Is it possible these people just didn't know when she taped it?

4/02/2006 10:59:00 AM  

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