Saturday, March 11, 2006

People Suck, Pt. 2

Boston Catholic Charities give up adoption program rather than consider gay parents. Pretty righteous position for a bunch of babyfuckers. And, you know, to hell the kids who might need a loving home. If the diocese can't have their pick from the good looking ones first, then they aren't going to play.

Speaking of religious hypocrites, Dobson's been doing a little recreational fabrication again.

That story, by the way, is part an parcel of this one, in which (wait for it) a Bush cabinet official resigns (gasp) over possible ties with corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff (no!).

Speaking of hypocritical religious cabinet members who resign in disgrace, let's take a moment to remember shoplifter Claude Allen, who was, for a brief period, in charge of the White House Katrina task force. The best and the brightest.

The White House asked Dubai to pull out of ports, claimed it wasn't ready yet, not that kind of country. Dubai counters by asking to just put the tip in and, if U.S. doesn't like it, to pull out right away. Can a friendship ring be far off in our future?


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