Wednesday, March 08, 2006

People Suck

Texas primary election result show that Democrats still have problems: themselves and other people. In San Antonio, it looks as if Bush-hogging DINO Henry Ceullar will avoid a runoff with Ciro Rodriguez. Cuellar beat Rodriguez previously in an election marred by let's all say it together VOTING IRREGULARITIES. Rodriguez ran a good, breath-of-fresh air campaign this time, but for some reason couldn't get his message across, couldn't convince people to vote for a principled Democrat versus a tit-sucking republican-wannabe Democrat. (Although it looks like there are once AGAIN some republican-favoring OKAY EVERYONE PLACES, on three, one, two, three: VOTING IRREGULARITIES. There may still be a runoff, but that's doubtful). People STILL refuse to vote for a Democrat; this kind of failure has to land at the feet of the candidate and the party ... although see below; we can't rule out the possibility that voters are turds who care about nothing but their own wallets and live in a cotton-candy fantasy world of lace cookies and magic ponies. I wonder if the DKos crowd will crow that a close loss is really a victory, like they did when Paul Hackett lost to Jean Schmidt last year. EDIT: Oop! My bad. It wasn't DKos to start the spin: it was Jane Hamsher and Steve Gilliard. Tsk. Now. Not something one can blame on Democrats, or blame on anything other than maybe heavy psilocybin use: Tom Delay beats three republican challengers in another Texas primary. Stunning. There are no Dems to blame here, just a group of voters either morally bankrupt or intellectually overdrawn or really really fucking high.. What the FUCK, Texas? What the fuck? You know, if people are going to ignore corruption and ignore the distinct lack of values displayed by the Party of Values and ignore the BRAZENLY FUCKING OBVIOUS FACT THAT THE MAN IS A THUG AND A LIAR AND PROBABLY A CRIMINAL then maybe I can't blame the Democrats for losing anything, since it's clear that people are just too dumb to be let near a voting machine.You dicks would elect an earwig in a jar if you thought is would pose for a picture and build some new bleachers at the softball field. Oh, and if you DeLay voters are indeed high, just let me say AAAAHHGGHH SCORPIONS SCORPIONS SCORPIONS THEY'RE ALLL OVER YOU MAN here dude, you need to kick back and relax, bro.
I would have more to say about the craven, treacherous, and entirely expected caving of the intelligence committee on the NSA wiretaps issue, but I get physically ill if I think about it, and if I see the name "Olympia Snowe" my blood begins to churn and the blackness rises and I can feel the metamorphosis begin, and I want to save that for later. Read Glenn Greenwald instead.
If anyone notices a smell like rank, stinky pussy today, it's either the Bradford Pears in bloom or a rank, stinky pussy.


Blogger Stella Magdalen said...

HEY! Don't list that MFer as bein in OUR club, We definitely dont want him.
Send him over to the Funky, cheezy, a-holes brigade.
Any and all, pussy varieties

3/09/2006 04:40:00 AM  
Anonymous jprim said...

Hey, maybe us "turds" as you f___ing democrat libs like to call us really do like money in our wallets. Now stop crying just because a taxing dem. cannot get elected. I'm tired of giving my money away.

3/10/2006 06:08:00 PM  
Blogger Suspect Device said...

But you are giving money away, turd. You're giving it to lobbyists and corporate interests. You're giving your money to rich guys and they're laughing about it. Laughing at you.

I'm not crying because a taxing dem can't get elected, turd. I'm crying becuase crooks and simpletons and simpleton crooks CAN and DO get elected, over and over again.

And I'll take the lib tag, but not the dem. I tend to fall on that side more often, but I have no love for the weak and waffling party. I think any person capable of restoring some balance and dignity to this country will come up from that side, at least over the next few yearss.

3/12/2006 09:55:00 AM  

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