Thursday, March 09, 2006

Think it's impossible to be any more disgusted with politicians?

You ain't been readin' the papers, homes: Frist maneuvers to block rejection of ports deal. This is the same Frist who spoke out against the ports deal a couple of weeks ago. But when it comes to a vote, guess who caved? How about a little craven behavior from the other side of the aisle? Sen. Rockefeller apologizes and sounds a conciliatory note to his distinguished republican cowardly spineless whimpering lapdog quisling counterparts after they take umbrage at being called cowardly spineless whimpering lapdog quislings for buckling under white house pressure to ignore the illegal wiretaps, which they now hop-e to make retroactively legal (cough). Rockefeller was livid Monday, but yesterday? Not so much. In fact, he wants to be a little helper! Puke. Hey, remember last year when Ray Authement was swearing up and down that there was no investigation of ULL sports and that the media was irresponsible for suggesting such a thing? ... how do the youngsters say it nowadays? Oh, yes: PWNED! Time to dust off that resignation letter, Droopy!


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