Friday, April 14, 2006

$190,000 a day

Think Progress » In 2005, Exxon CEO Raked in 190K a Day. Hey, you fat bastard! Why don't you fund the Gulf Coast rebuilding all on your own?

What's that? No?

Well ...

... How about we just come and take it, then?

My friend Mark "Zompist" Rosenfelder has said that this blog has become "a clatter of outraged dyspepsia" these days, and that's fair enough; we're living in a bizzaro world of forcible idiocy and despair, and we have to put up with shit like this. I think I know how all those Dickensian orphans must have felt, bearing great loss while being tossed into the callous care of ignorant, greedy, and sadistic keepers.


This series is well worth reading, summing up what a loathsome den of hatred and bigotry the American right wing has become. I cuss and spit at wingnuts in terms almost as nasty, but I'm tired of being pushed around by these mudpies. I'm tired of having values shoved at me, of having my patriotism questioned, and most of all, at having to countenance the ascendency of ignorance, superstition and stupidity into the dominant form of political discourse. I'm tired of trying to work out solutions with people who think god is on their side. I'm tired of being rolled by a juggernaut of lobbyist graft and personal gain. I'm tired of "liberal" being a dirty word. I'm fucking sick to death of watching right-wing xtian republicans destroy and deface everything this country was founded to protect, to criminalize the people, rape the land, soil the air and piss in the water. I'm tired of watching democrats sidle up to villains in the name of "compromise".

Starting now, starting yesterday, staring on August 29, 2005: no more compromise. Ever. On anything. If it's the right thing to do, do it, and if not, don't do it. No lobbyists, no xtian fundamentalists, no howls of outrage from the superstitious. No compromise.

The next three years are critical: what the country needs, what the world needs, what I want to see, is not a change in the party in power: we need a sea change, a complete 180-degree turn in attitude, a complete, total, uncompromising rejection of the politics of self-interest and store bought values. We need a return to progressive social change as the dominant political metaphor, and we need to immediately discount to influence of fundamentalist conservative xtians and racist right-wing apologists. People like Malkin and Coulter and Podhoretz and Goldberg and O'Reilly and Savage and all the rest: stop going to them for opinion. Stop treating them as experts. Stop watching, stop reading, stop listening. Stop listening to that fucking talk radio; it makes you stupid and sours your juices.

Reject "traditional moral values" as a political platform. Practice all the traditional values you want, but vote on pragmatics. Learn, Listen. See with clear eyes and a working brain.

And just so I don't alienate my core audience, and so I might put this in terms that the fundie right can understand: smoke them from their holes, fuck them, break them, drive them across the land and into the sea. No more theocrats. EVER. Not just until the next election cycle: never again. Never let the reactionary hateful repressed religious coven of ignorance have any influence on public policy. No more Haliburton government. No more torture, no more spying, no more leaking, no more lies. No more compromise.

Am I fomenting revolution? Yes, I goddamn well am. Revolution NOW.


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