Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Daily Advertiser: The Best Goddamned Letters Page East of the Brazos

Facts led Democrat to vote for Bush
In response to Kenny Liner's letter calling President Bush a joke, that is called an opinion. Almost 60 million voters had a different opinion. Here are some facts.
Bill Clinton was offered bin Laden twice and refused. Hello, Sept. 11. I guess he was too busy with Monica.
Al Gore went around the country saying he invented the Internet. John Kerry said he was in certain places in Vietnam when records show he was actually somewhere else at the same time. I guess he just got confused like when he said "I voted for it before I voted against it."
Howard Dean was running around the country hollering and screaming like a lunatic.
Here is another fact. I am a Democrat who voted for Bush because of facts!
It's puzzling to me why someone who chooses to boast that he or she votes on the facts chooses also to list "facts" which are all patently false, ranging from exaggerations to outright scurrilous lies. I suppose I could be assuming ill intent when ignorance is really at fault, but it is early and I have not had my coffee yet. So fuck it, ill intent it is. Oh, and a general message to the editors at the Daily: Please get someone to proofread the copy on your website. And learn the difference between its and it's, for fuck's sake.


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