Thursday, April 13, 2006

Daily Advertiser: Proud Publishers of Canned Crap Agitprop

This letter to the editor-- slugged as coming from a "nutritionist" -- is a mass-mailed piece of misleading propaganda from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a radical animal rights group with ties to PETA and a notorious font of medical disinformation. Fewer than 5% of its members are physicians. The study referred to in the letter is mildly controversial; one large study with findings contrary to the majority of previous studies pushed the results toward neutral, a fact admitted by the study's authors, and, despite claims to the contrary by our "nutritionist", no reputable health authority has suggested that fish is by definition unhealthy or unsafe. Now here's the thing: it took me fifteen minutes, tops, on my lunch hour, to read the letter, Google the information, and write this blog entry. What sort of excuse do Advertiser editors have for not vetting the canned crap they print? Maybe they're too busy proofreading. Or maybe not. See how many spelling, grammar, and usage errors YOU can find in Pascal Robin's post! I counted nine. Of course, while I busy myself with trifles, life for New Orleanians gets hard and harder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for the total omega experience. Eat your fish crusted with walnuts on a bed of spinach.

--Sometimes Don't!

4/13/2006 10:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Counting the spelling, grammar, and usage issues in that Robin column is like counting the undigested corn kernels in a gleamin', steamin' turd.

4/13/2006 11:59:00 AM  
Anonymous anonymous stole my name said...

time is a "luxuary" that paper doesn't have

4/13/2006 01:54:00 PM  
Anonymous No, I'M anonymous, damnit! said...

Pascal Robin's grammar could be A+ perfect but that's still some of the sappiest, gag-inducing junk I've read.

4/14/2006 07:03:00 AM  

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