Monday, April 17, 2006

A stunning development

By Saturday afternoon, the song and dance came to a halt: following a front-page story in the Saturday Daily Advertiser, Rose’s booking and management company was e-mailing them, asking why they were disseminating false information.

“We both came to the conclusion that it (the booking) was fraudulent,” said Chad Fouquier, 307’s entertainment coordinator.
I'm shocked at this unexpected turn of events. You know, 307 should have known better, but they're young, and anyone can get taken advantage of. It's the Daily Advertiser that disgusts me; their coverage of this "story" is an object lesson in the grand failure of that paper: no research, no news judgement, no skepticism or drive to get the facts. Nobody over there seems to give a shit, and it shows.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect? When you click on the link for the article, there's an ad next to it for Cafe Habana City that says "Just in time for Lent."

4/18/2006 04:38:00 AM  

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