Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vision America: Tom DeLay's new hangout

You can tell they're fine, upstanding Americans by all of that red, white & blue. Rick Scarborough, the Hammer's best pal, and the "brains" behind this snake oil factory, has a whole book out. You know what kills kids? War. Drugs. Poor nutrition. Disease. Poverty. Neglect. What has Vision America accomplished in the past six years?
2000 * President Rick Scarborough serves on a national panel of religious conservative leaders which interviewed major Presidential candidates * Mobilized thousands of pastors in Texas and Missouri 2002 * Launched the Vision Texas Project * Conducted 24 luncheons around the state for 2500 Pastors including five with Governor Rick Perry * Direct mail contact to over 10,000 Pastors with legal “Do’s and Don’ts” of political involvement * On election day, every state wide office was captured by a pro-life, pro-family candidate for the first time in decades 2003 * Launched a Pastor Awareness Project in Montgomery, Alabama, on behalf of Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, the embattled Ten Commandments Judge * More than 10,000 supporters from across America gathered for the rally organized by Vision America on August 16, 2003, covered by C-SPAN and every major news outlet in the country * President Rick Scarborough and Ambassador Alan Keyes launched a national speaking tour to bring awareness to the growing tyranny of activist judges and the clear and present danger they pose to government…“of the people, by the people, and for the people" 2004 * Launched Pastor mobilization efforts in South Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri * In every state where Vision America conducted Pastor education and mobilization efforts, pro-life and pro-family candidates received record support and were elected to national offices 2005 * Conducted the Judicial War on Faith National Conference in Washington, DC, in April, ten days after the starvation death of Terri Schiavo * The Conference featured House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Senator Sam Brownback, Judge Roy Moore, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and Schiavo family attorney, David Gibbs, among others * The conference was covered by C-SPAN and 45 press passes were granted * A series of front page stories on the work of Vision America soon appeared in the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, and numerous other major newspapers * Time Magazine did a feature story on Vision America’s success in mobilizing Pastors and church members into the public policy arena * Took a lead role in passage of the Texas Marriage Amendment, defining marriage in Texas as a union between a man and a woman, and banning civil unions between same-sex couples. Despite record spending by homosexual activists and their allies, Texans passed the amendment by a 76% margin. * Convened a meeting of 40 major conservative organizations in Washington, DC, on November 9th to discuss the necessity of mobilizing Values Voters in 2006. A Servants Committee was formed for which Rick Scarborough is the acting Chairman. The committee was charged with designing a strategy for a collective effort in 2006.
Scarborough and Vision America may not kill kids, but they sure as shit don't save any.


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