Friday, April 07, 2006

Welcome to the Intellectual Equivalent of Knott's Berry Farm

Here's a fine idea. Let school boards go into secret sessions before public meetings for "prayer." Okay, a) no. b) keep the fucking prayers out of the fucking schools I THOUGHT THIS HAD BEEN MADE CLEAR SOMETIME DURING THE PAST 40 YEARS DURING WHICH IT HAS BEEN RULED AGAIN AND AGAIN BY THE HIGHEST COURTS IN THE LAND THAT BRINGING RELIGION INTO THE FUNCTIONING OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SO **STOP FUCKING DOING IT*** and c) no. Do not violate the open meetings law to allow for magical invocations, which, in true modern Xtian style, will be co-opted and corrupted for the purpose of conducting secret business, without the slightest shadow of a single doubt at the very first meeting at which a "secret closed door prayer" is tried. Who the fuck do you people think you're fooling at this late date? "What are you guys doing in there?" "Uhm... uh ... [bump bonk shhh shhhh] ... uhm, praying!"
Overseas donations for Katrina aid just LOST VANISHED POOF! Can this administration do anything right? Anything at all?
The GAO said in remarks prepared for delivery before the committee, "Given that the U.S. government had never before received such substantial amounts of international disaster assistance, ad hoc procedures were developed to manage the acceptance and distribution of the cash and in-kind assistance."
So it's like giving a kid a couple thousand in cash and urging him to spend it wisely. Immature beings just can't handle large sums of money. Wait, tell me again how Louisiana shouldn't get its hands on relief cash because we can't be trusted with it?
I think Carville is an idiot, but he has a point: every port in the world is below sea level.
Another hall-of-fame letter to the editor, chosen for publication by the Lafayette Daily Advertiser.


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