Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who Is Killing New Orleans?

The Nation: Who Is Killing New Orleans?
The Republican hostility to New Orleans, of course, runs deeper and is nastier than mere concern with civic probity (America's most corrupt city, after all, is located on the Potomac, not the Mississippi). Underlying all the circumlocutions are the same antediluvian prejudices and stereotypes that were used to justify the violent overthrow of Reconstruction 130 years ago. Usually it is the poor who are invisible in the aftermath of urban disasters, but in the case of New Orleans it has been the African-American professional middle class and skilled working class. In the confusion and suffering of Katrina--a Rorschach test of the American racial unconscious--most white politicians and media pundits have chosen to see only the demons of their prejudices. The city's complex history and social geography have been reduced to a cartoon of a vast slum inhabited by an alternately criminal or helpless underclass, whose salvation is the kindness of strangers in other, whiter cities. Inconvenient realities like Gentilly's red-brick normalcy--or, for that matter, the pride of homeownership and the exuberance of civic activism in the blue-collar Lower Ninth Ward--have not been allowed to interfere with the belief, embraced by New Democrats as well as old Republicans, that black urban culture is inherently pathological.
Ow. Please read this.


Blogger jaime in metairie said...

I'm sorry but I disagree. In New Orleans it is the middle and working class that has been forgotten, regardless of race.

Gentilly, Mid-city, Broadmore those are mixed neighborhoods.

I know white dentists that lived in New Orleans East and Black Accountants that lived in Lakeview. Everybody is homeless now.

4/18/2006 04:20:00 PM  
Blogger jaime in metairie said...

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