Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Bishop

Bishop Michael Jarrell walked out of a Teurlings Cathloic High graduation ceremony this week because people wouldn't stop cheering for their graduating kids. "Walking out during a graduation is not something I enjoyed, but it is something that needed to be done ... It was a lesson about taking a stand in protest of rude and disrespectful behavior." He has flatly refused to apologize, despite heavy criticism, insisting that he was taking a stand for decorum and respect for the students. The Bishop knows a lot about respect:
(Jarrell) let the Rev. Robert Melancon continue working in a parish after paying one of his victims $30,000 in 1993. Another victim came forward in 1995, saying that he had been raped repeatedly in a church rectory in the 1980s - the first time when he was 8 years old. Father Melancon has since been convicted in that case and sentenced to life in prison. Before the trial, the district attorney said he would seek to have Bishop Jarrell held in contempt of court for refusing to say whether church authorities were investigating other complaints of sexual abuse against priests. The bishop then answered that they had not. One of his former top aides, the Rev. Albert Bergeron, pleaded guilty to lying to a grand jury investigating Father Melancon. Two of Father Melancon's accusers have testified that they sometimes met him at Monsignor Bergeron's rectory, where there was a supply of pornography.
Jarrell in 1994:
I am happy to enclose herewith a copy of our Policy Concerning Abuse or Neglect of Minors together with the Procedures to be Followed to Carry Out this policy ... be prepared to assist us in making it an effective tool in our efforts to protect our beloved children from any and all abuse or neglect and thus provide them (and their parents) with the assurance that the Church is here not only to teach them the dignity of human life, but also to assist them in protecting that dignity.
Jarrell this week:
I am not yet ready to throw in the towel and just go along. From the very beginning Christians were known for confronting society on certain issues. We can still do it. The issue is respect.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Heaven forbid someone be excited about graduation! Yeah, people do get obnoxious at times...very obnoxious. But since when does graduation have to be like a funeral? This is why I don't do the whole religion thing--too much solemnity.

5/26/2006 09:36:00 AM  

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