Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dangerblond on trivial matters

Now see, this is what I've been saying. If it isn't yet another futile tilt at an abortion ban, it's antihistamines, and before that it was kids showing too much asscrack and Sharon Broome trying to get people to sign on to a statement claiming that Darwin was a racist. I suggested some time ago that legislators be fitted with shock collars, nothing too bad, maybe 16 volts, and someone judicious, fair and temperate or maybe me, would sit in the gallery during legislative session and be a one-man Milgram's 37 every time some stooge stands up and brays his idear about how them chickens ain't not animals atall. I suppose we could start a grass-roots movement to kick the bums out and elect more progressive, focused, and intelligent congresspeople, but I feel very strongly that I need to help some folks ride the lightning for at least for one fiscal session if I'm ever to achieve Buddha nature and get those super powers they mentioned in the brochure.


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