Saturday, May 20, 2006

I call it

Nagin 56, Mitch 42. 44. Subtraction. Who needs it.
Not that I'm happy about it.
Posted 9:17 pm, no matter what the timestamp says.
EDIT: 9:23 Or maybe no. What a seesaw. 17,777 - 52% Landrieu, 16,651 - 48% Nagin.
Batt's back up at 54%. At least Clarkson is getting her ass kicked.
EDIT: 9:29 Here, have some mood music for whatever the result is: Springsteen live: "We Shall Overcome" and "How Can a Poor Man ..." Not Jazz Fest, but as close as I can come.
51% - 49% Mitch in the lead with 214 out of 442 precincts in. Batt still leads Midura by six. Who the fuck votes for Batt? Zombies?
Results are here and here. Secretary of State is faster. EDIT 10:06: 51885, 53%, Nagin vs, 41497, 44%, Mitch Midure 51% Batt 49% Head 51, Pratt 49 Clarkson gaining? 44 to Fielkow's 56?
EDIT 10:17 56068 Nagin / 49884 Mitch 53/47 Batt 48 Midure 52 10:21 Pretty much all over. 100 of 106 precincts have midura over batt, 412 04 442 Fielkow over Clarkson and Nagin over Landrieu. 10:23 What's keeping C. Ray in? Republican support -- the oyster/adrastos theory --and Doug Brinkley, who brought Nagin criticism to a pitch of almost pure bile and put it in front of a nation. With that many Americans telling you how bad your candidate is, the only thing a Louisianian can do is to vote him back in. Fuck you, America! Fuck you, face! Here goes the nose! 10:26 Absentee: "Mitch" Landrieu 12,336 C. Ray Nagin 12,512 By precinct: 10:28 Come ON for fuck's sake 10:33 All in. 52 Nagin - 48 Mitch. Looks like I overshot a little on the call, but in the ballpark. This isn't a mandate or even a "stay the course" vote: this was a "you can't tell us what to do" vote. I guarantee it. Batt lost, Clarkson lost, Pratt lost (I have my doubts about Head, but still) -- good decisions all around. But not in the big one. The big one was a signal to the rest of the country: fuck off. It was a signal to Doug Brinkley: white men who ride around in "rescue boats" with Sean Penn maybe should lay off on the gratuitous insults right before an election. Mitch's platform was so similar to Ray's that there couldn't have been much there to bring him down; but when voters are presented with a black man and a white man who say pretty much the same things, and then are told that the black man is incompetent and the only hope rests with the white man ... hmmm. Hell, it's probably not even racial; oth had mixed support; it's simply a stubborn resistance to listen to the wisdom of a nation that belittled, ignored, insulted, and abandoned a city and a state in their hours of need. Again, I think Nagin crossed the line into incompetence. I'm not a Nagin man, but I'm not a Mitch man, either. I didn't have a dog in this hunt, which is why I never said much about it. But when the insults started being hurled at C. Ray a couple of weeks ago ... I could feel it start to turn. Lukewarm Mitch support and a mayor under attack from America, intellectual, the media ... you don't have to be Ray Strother to see how it was going to play out.


Anonymous ashley said...

Wasn't Jesse gonna protest this no matter what?

I'm gonna start drinking now.

5/20/2006 08:17:00 PM  
Anonymous ashley said...

I wanna cry.

5/21/2006 01:25:00 AM  
Anonymous slate said...

I had been saying for weeks that it would be close, but had no idea it would be quite this close. I thought it would be touch and go in the early hours and that then Mitch would pull away. I'm stunned.

I also had written that there were many New Orleanians that genuinely liked Nagin, as a person if not as a mayor, and that I thought that would play into this election. Clearly it has.

Although I totally agree with the oyster/adrastos theory being right on the mark. I think there is such anger here, on so many levels, that one way to show it was to re-elect Nagin. For the record, I didn't vote for him, but I think I understand those who did.

Now we have to hold his feet to the fire. That's our only choice.

5/21/2006 06:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Marco said...

City Hall should be relocated to either the 17th St. Canal or Plaquemine Parish. Shrub and Blanco should be strapped to date palms. People, animals and some of an irreplaceable culture drowned in political manure.

5/21/2006 06:55:00 AM  

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