Monday, May 22, 2006


Count Kaye Grogan's grammatical errors in Speak English . . . or else! Here, I'll start you off:
Okay it's official — I hope! It has taken 200 plus years for English to become America's official language. Maybe we missed something here. Did another boat come in behind the Mayflower with people speaking in unknown tongues?
Uhm ... yeah, as a matter of fact, lots of boats came over. Full of immigrants. Been coming for a few hundred years now. Here's some more:
Since when does a nation who taught their children to speak English fluently need to verify and have a vote in the Senate to make the language official? Only in America! . . .can these bizarre things keep happening.
Have fun! Don't try to hammer the pencil up your nose into your brain to stop the screaming -- it doesn't work!


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