Saturday, May 06, 2006

Religion & Civic Priorities & Stupidium, discovered by Marie Curie in 1462

Judge Orders San Diego to Remove Cross. After 17 years of fighting the order, San Diego faces fines of $5000 a day. They're lost multiple cases, the Supreme Court has rfused to hear their arguments, public referendums have failed ... Look: take. The fucking cross. Down. Use your remaining money to fund your backrupt pension plan or shore up services or invest it. Cities are not in the business pf protecting or promoting religion. This reminds me of those unable-to-learn Lousiana school districts that insist on mandating prayer before board meeetings or football games, year in and year out, getting shot down every time while the kids get dumber and dumber and the locals agitate for ID in the science textbooks. I don't recall Jesus mentioning any special affection for or deals offered to stupid, ignorant, pigheaded, or otherwise unreasonable people; maybe that was in Corinthians or something. I only read the red letter parts. I'll just hang on to this cash so it doesn't get wet. Good. I'm sure the Governor's action is based on sincere environmental concers, just as the governors of MIssissippi and Alabama oppose open-loop systems out of concern for their environmental effects. And I'm sure that the light decrease in natural gas supplies, or perhaps a slight rise in prices at the consumer end, or perhaps even a slight drop in natural gas coporate stock prices as investors see opportunities being squandered ecuse of a refusal to use more responsible technologies begins to backfire ... I'm sure America will understand. And perhaps this will prepare America to be understanding on the morning that it wakes up to find its been given a gulf oil vasectomy until recovery efforts can be adequately funded ...


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