Friday, May 12, 2006


Firedoglake -- Stand the F'Up Already: "It is astounding to me that conservatives have been far bolder in criticizing the president over his NSA shenanigans. And even in the face of the USA Today story, detailing more administration lies and explaining the NSA%u2019s plans to build a database of every call made within the country, we see no collective demand from Democrats to stand up and say, NO MORE! WE HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING. We need a movement. We need to be our own leaders, people. It will take all of our talent, all of our knowledge. All of our cooperation. This has to be a citizen-led movement, and it will take all of us working together to build the necessary pressure. Yes, our Congress may be controlled by the president's party, but there are some brave elected officials for whom we can build support. And this is not a liberal or conservative crisis. This is an American crisis. And our media -- mainstream and progressive -- have often been too timid to stand up to this administration, but the stories are starting to roll in. The New York Times, the Boston Globe and even USA Today are working it now. But we have to care. We have to be outraged. We have to take action. This is our moment. Our public servants are there to follow the will of the people. If the people want George Bush to stop breaking the law, then the people must, and can, make him stop." Read the rest. I think some of the suggestions are a little timid, but it's past time that concerned citizens demand spine and sense from our representatives, D or R. I don't expect much, but I'm willing to be surprised. Let's see some outrage, please. Let's see some representatives standing up. Let's see some leadership oh god i have to stop or I'll wake everyone up with the laughing. And get out of your BellSouth/ATT/Verizon plan if at all possible, if for no other reason than the very real possibility of the financial shit hitting the legal fan. BellSouth in particular has been giving Louisiana the high hard one for years and their capitulation with the NSA is the last straw for me. Only Qwest had the balls to tell the NSA to go fuck itself, but there are other non-cooperative options: T-Mobile, Nextel ... I'm ready to pay Cingular their ridiculous cancellation fee just to disassociate myself from ATT/BellSouth entirely.


Anonymous spinn said...

I have Sunrocket now, a VoIP service. I still need AT&T for the landline to get DSL here, but it's not AT&T collecting my call info.

Though I bet smaller companies would have even less backbone if the NSA came calling, so it's a temporary solution, I'm sure.

p.s.: spelled the title of the post wrong.

5/12/2006 07:40:00 AM  

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