Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Your President on the upcoming hurricane season

"It's going to be interesting -- let's pray -- first of all, pray there's no hurricanes. That would be, like, step one."
Step two would be sneaking that book of weather spells out of the library without Professor Snape catching us. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY ETC (REPEAT)
"The amazing thing in the area down there -- I don't know if you all went with me -- but it was -- there's this totally different attitude from when we were there before, early on, obviously, after the storm. People are coming back. Sales taxes along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi are higher today than they were a year ago this date. And that's positive."
Really? Does he mean tax revenue or does he mean that rates have been raised or does he mean xcdoiuq2r3450BZY&pcxx hey look a blue car hey karl look blue car? (Via da po' blog. )


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