Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blog Roundup

My kids are watching the latest Netflix delivery: Spider-Man cartoons from 1967. Spidey is currently beating up Mysterio in a bar fight. ~ Tim takes on defeatist engineers. An excellent Moldy City post:
the discussion rapidly reached a level of utter clowning that Bob Somerby couldn't begin to describe. Remember the panel consisted of four of the city's top political reporters, including a journalism professor who considers his task, well: His job, his niche, is asking the reporters why the hard questions are going either unanswered or - even worse - unasked. I suppose the professor is just more interested in underlying philosophical questions than questions about factual details. One of the panelists did explain that Landrieu offered the excuse that he was uninformed about the city's financial condition because Nagin refused to share the necessary information. However, they all chuckled in agreement that Landrieu's excuse was a lame one, because, as Norman Robinson pointed out, if BGR was able to gain access to the city financial figure, so Landrieu should have been able to. That four of the city's top journalist could be that uninformed shouldn't be overly surprisingly, that they should all be too lazy to look at the BGR report shouldn't be surprisingly, that contemporary journalists should reduce a factually resolvable dispute into a he said/she said issue shouldn't be at all surprising. But that all four would reach the same incorrect conclusion from uninformed speculation and decide to laugh at the candidate that the facts actually backed is just, I was going to say inconceivable, unfortunately it's not.
Another excellent post from bayoustjohndavid here on the unglamorous story of the sewage and water board, and a followup on the loathsome Jack Kent, Jr. and Marine Shale. Maitri on theft:
As soon as they were able to get back to New Orleans, D and B painstakingly gathered all of their valuable possessions that survived - silver, decades’ worth of family photographs, paintings, other heirlooms - and placed them all in one of those “safe” storage pods. Once they moved into a small place in MidCity by the Fairgrounds, the pod sat outside on the street while the couple searched for storage space. This past Friday morning, D and B woke up to find that the pod had vanished overnight. All the police had to say about it was, “Sorry, tough luck.” It is a big city.
Ernie points to an interesting New Yorker review of The Big Sleazy. I thought we were all done here. I thought we had at least come to the beginnings of understanding and were agreed that there was a common goal. But I guess not. What a condescending, arrogant, and insulting post. Please realize that you're not the sole occupant of the moral high ground. Quit smearing people with charges of spreading "hatred". You probably should avoid quoting Gandhi and Booker T. Washington on hatred and degradation in a post that is essentially about how someone disagreed with you on the internet. It's "hate mongers", not "mongrels." You want to be positive, be positive. Good for you. You can stop patting yourself on the back now.


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