Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fag-Tard alliance promopts awesome display of ignorant hateful right-wingnut religious brainpuke

Homosexual prom king, special needs prom queen shatter norms at Murrieta. Make sure you wade around in the comments. Here's a good one: "Because of homosexuality and mass abortions our nation will not be able to sustain itself and we will need to have mass immigration. Do these students know that the homosexual lifestyle is plagued by death and aids. You cannot procreate by having anal sex. All these stupid kids know is what they see on MTV and how cool it is to be gay." TOTALLY. Sucking cock is the new black! And mental retardation is trés trendy! I can't wait till all you white christians die out and we can open the floodgates for the Mexicans and the negroes and, dare I say it, the gay Mexican negroes (or "Mesqueerlaros")? I like this guy, actually:
considering Christianity wrote on May 31, 2006 1:57 PM:"Hmmm, I was thinking of converting to Christianity, but have decided that I just don't have enough anger in me."
Via Leth.


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