Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gannett: Scum

Gannett brings their protection racket to Acadiana. Got a free publication? You'll have to go through Gannett from now on. Fucking belligerent arrogant illiterate assholes. When will the people of Lafayette stop letting out-of-town businessesmen push them around? First it was BellSouth and Cox calling for special elections and then suing over the results, now it's Gannett trying to strongarm businesses into letting them decide which newspapers get distributed. Stand up for yourselves, for Christ's sake. If I see one of those plastic Gannett bins in a store I frequent, I will take my business elsewhere until the bin is removed. And I will spread the word. I'm sick of being pushed around by a bunch of mudpies. I urge any and all Acadiana businesses to refuse Gannett's offer. I would further encourage you to reconsider handling Gannett's products and maybe even rethink your advertising strategy. In other words, don't carry their crappy free publications and don't avertise in their shitty newspapers. Let them make their money from their protection racket, since they certainly don't show any interest in producing a quality product.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Wow. What surprises me most about this is that I'm surprised at all. This was an inevitability, I suppose. Gannett won't be happy until it turns every printed word in south Louisiana into error-rific corporate pablum. Come on, big G...isn't 90 percent enough?

If Gannett wants to water down every local paper in its grasp, fine...but that doesn't give it license to control its competition.

6/28/2006 11:33:00 AM  

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