Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rita's victims

Claire Taylor at the Advertisier turns in two good pieces on Rita's legacy, here and here. Cameron and Vermilionparishes are still in about the same shape they were in seven months ago; in a way, the damage was worse than Katrina's simply because it was a shorter distance to obliteration for many of the residents, especially in Cameron. Any rebuilding is being done entirely by residents, s, by hand, slowly and painstakingly.
Somehow, the couple did not qualify for a FEMA trailer and their insurance adjuster said they had insufficient damage even though the only thing Rita left them were a few palm trees and holes in the sand where their home and business once stood. So, the Meauxs put a camper on their property, living there until their full-size trailer is ready for occupancy. At 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, theirs became the first full-size mobile home to receive electricity on Holly Beach.
That's 8 months after the storm, by the way. The trailers still aren't ready.


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Impale the bastards on the policies.

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