Wednesday, June 14, 2006

spasticrobot has good news

It's not all gloom and sturm and doom and drang, although most of it is. spasticrobot brings news of a $750 million dollar initiative from the AFL-CIO. From his linked T-P story:
The centerpiece of the group's Gulf Coast Revitalization Program is a plan to invest $250 million in financing for 5,000 to 10,000 affordable housing units, mostly in the New Orleans area, over the next five to seven years. Forty percent of those would be for low-income residents. In addition to residential structures, the plan calls for a hefty investment in commercial development such as hotels. The AFL-CIO also is in talks with manufactured home builders and hopes to finance construction of a manufacturing plant for those homes in the New Orleans area. Such a facility could churn out 2,000 manufactured homes a year. All of the projects will require 100 percent union work.
Strategic Hotels and Resorts annouced a $715 million project of their own, but that's for downtown. More affordable homes are desperately needed. I wish they had expanded their view to Rita victims; Cameron and Vermilion and parts of Calcasieu were obliterated and then almost completely abandoned, except for some state agencies. And Reggie Bush ponies up to save Ted Gormley stadium. Note that last month, Bush and adidas donated $50k to Holy Rosary High, saving the school from closing. Maybe Rickey Williams and Ziplock can get together and donate some baggies so the weed dealers can keep the kids in Kool-Aid for the summer.


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